XMAN: Mold Sampling

Mold Sampling and Air Quality TestingĀ 

All of our air quality testing and mold sampling comes with a full home mold inspection. Indoor samples may be air samples, surface samples, or a combination of both.

We overnight the collected samples to a 3rd party laboratory that will provide us with their report of the findings. If our inspection or lab results determine that there is a mold issue, we will email you a written report that will include the findings and a quote for us to fix the problem.

At XMAN Inc., we pride ourselves in providing quality services and know that choosing the right company to inspect it, test it, and remove it is particularly important. Our prices are competitive, our work is guaranteed/warrantied and most importantly we strive for 100% customer satisfaction, 100% of the time. Our experts are here to help you get rid of the mold and identify the moisture source to prevent it from coming back.

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