What do deer hunting, and mold remediation have in common? The answer is – population control. Of course, this is really a bad example; my apologies to all animal enthusiasts out there. The point I’m trying to make, is that if any species is permitted to grow greater than their natural habitat can sustain, there will always be consequences.

As you already know, mold is a living organism separate of plants and animals, and even in its microbial size it feeds just like any other, to survive and reproduce.

Moisture, food and transportation

Moisture is Mold’s Red Bull, and no they don’t grow wings, but in doing justice to the commercial, when mold spores land on moist areas (porous materials) it becomes a home and feeding ground for their colonization. Having done so they miraculously birth more tiny mold spores that take to the air ways seeking to find other suitable feeding grounds to grow and continue the circle of life.

Follow the Rule – Control the masses

Once Again, mold spores are everywhere and they are just as much an important part of our eco system as anything else, but only you can control a population explosion of mold that can lead to the above damage which can result in hundreds if not thousands of dollars to resolve. By simply following one rule you can avoid this – control the moisture control the mold. Don’t let mold overrun your home, act fast if you suspect this is happening to you, and call X-MAN for all your mold inspections, mold and air sampling and removal needs.



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