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“Fantastic. Exceptional customer service from first phone call to completion of services. Technicians (Robert and Robert) were knowledgeable, friendly and did a great job eliminating mold from my basement. I will use them for all my mold removal needs in the future.” Kelsey D.

“Christina is super cooperative. She was able to schedule an inspection on a short notice and expediate lab results. Inspector was on time, very professional and delivered report on time. Great company to work with!” Lara K.

Mold Inspections, Mold Sampling, and Mold Removal

Mold is a toxic substance that can cause serious health risks
…not to mention detrimental structural damage. At XMAN Inc., we understand that mold can cause serious health problems and can even reduce the value of your home or business. Mold infestation (no matter the size) is a problem that should not be ignored. The bad news is, It’s more prevalent than we think.

We’re ready to provide swift and effective mold remediation solutions tailored to your situation. Allow our experts to serve you! Whether you’re selling or buying a home, or you’re simply seeking a healthy environment for your family, employees, or customers, our top-notch mold removal services can provide you with peace of mind. So, if you’re facing a mold issue or suspect mold growth, reach out to us for a phone consultation and book an appointment today.

Our wealth of experience in commercial and residential mold assessments and remediation has positioned us as industry frontrunners. Our mold inspection team comprises skilled inspectors and technicians with extensive experience in their fields, ensuring that your home or business is in capable hands. Don’t let a potential mold problem linger. At XMAN Inc., our commitment is to deliver professional services and high-quality mold remediation. We’re driven by a single standard: 100% customer satisfaction, all the time. Reach out to us today for any inquiries, feedback, or concerns.

Mold Removal Company

Comprehensive Mold Inspection Services

mold damage New Castle DEOur mold inspection service includes a thorough evaluation of your property, including the attic, living spaces, basement/crawlspace, grounds, and garage. We look for signs of mold, water intrusion, water damage, and even poor ventilation, as these conditions can promote mold growth. We utilize specialized mold inspection and testing equipment to uncover hidden moisture, such as within walls.
Our professional mold inspectors in New Castle will scrutinize every potential water entry point in your house, including all windows and doors. Our visual mold inspection provides you with:

  • An inspection report and associated photographs
  • Recommended preventative actions
  • Estimates for mold remediation, if required
  • A clearance letter if no mold is detected

Mold Sample Collection in New Castle, DE

Every mold sample we collect is accompanied by a comprehensive home mold inspection in New Castle, DE. We may take air samples, surface samples, or a mixture of both.
The collected samples are sent to a third-party laboratory for analysis. Should the lab results indicate a mold problem, we’ll send you a detailed report outlining the findings and a quotation to remedy the issue.

Mold Remediation & Removal

Mold Remediation New Castle DEMold spores pervade our surroundings, both inside and outside. However, a mold issue may arise when mold is visible, or when indoor mold spore concentrations exceed those outdoors!
For smaller mold issues manageable by homeowners, we inform and guide, saving customers significant sums. For larger issues like black mold removal, XMAN Inc. is your go-to company in New Castle for mold removal, remediation, mitigation, abatement, and sampling. Our specialists will guide you through the process and address all your queries before and after the job completion.

Professional mold removal/remediation is a meticulous, step-by-step process involving specialized equipment and cleaning agents. The process at XMAN involves five main steps:

  1. Containment Setup: We first isolate the work area to prevent mold spores from spreading to unaffected sections of the property.
  2. Air Scrubbing: Using industrial-grade air scrubbers equipped with HEPA filters, we clean the contaminated air. These filters capture 99.97% of all airborne and microscopic mold spores, reducing the spore count in the room.
  3. Porous Material Removal: Our team carefully removes and bags items like drywall, trim, insulation, and paneling contaminated with mold. These bags are wiped and double-bagged before being removed from the contaminated area.
  4. HEPA Vacuuming and Treatment of Semi-porous & Non-porous Materials: The area is vacuumed with a HEPA vacuum to capture mold spores, followed by a microbial disinfectant treatment to kill and remove any remaining spores.
  5. Work Area Cleanup: We conduct a final HEPA vacuuming and antimicrobial wipe-down of all surfaces in the work area. After double-checking the quality of the cleanup, we notify the customer and remove the containment.

Attic & Basement Mold Removal

Mold Cleanup New Castle DEIn New Castle, DE, basements and attics often offer the perfect conditions for mold growth. High humidity or water leakage can trigger mold development, which can quickly spread under favorable conditions.
Our attic and basement mold removal specialists will identify any mold damage in these areas and devise a safe and effective remediation plan. Afterward, we’ll provide suggestions to prevent mold recurrence.

Mold in basements and attics can become a significant and dangerous problem. If you suspect the presence of mold in these areas, contact us to begin the removal process.

The Health Hazards of Mold

Mold, especially toxic black mold, can potentially make the inhabitants of your New Castle, DE home ill. Symptoms can range from mild allergic reactions to severe respiratory issues, depending on the individual, mold species, duration of exposure, and other factors.
Apart from the potential health risks, mold can compromise the structural integrity of your house by damaging building materials. If you suspect the presence of mold, it’s crucial to contact XMAN Inc. immediately. We can handle mold in furniture, carpets, upholstery, drywall, and more, and we offer specialized services for black mold remediation.

Delivering Premier Mold Cleanup Services in New Castle, DE

At XMAN Inc., we’re proud of our reputation for providing top-quality mold remediation services in New Castle, DE. Choosing the right mold testing company to inspect, test, and remove mold is critical. We offer competitive prices, guaranteed/warrantied work, and aim for 100% customer satisfaction. Our team is here to help you eradicate mold and find the moisture source to prevent recurrence.

We provide services throughout New Castle DE, including 19720.

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